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This morning was ridiculous. This is the only place I've gotten a haircut for the last three years. Service has only really fallen short one time a couple years ago, when a stylist spent my entire "MVP" complaining about wanting to go home to her fellow stylists. Today, I checked in. I was told it would be 5-10 minutes. There were exactly three customers getting cuts at the time I checked in. There were four stylists. The unoccupied stylist checked me in and gave me the time estimate. No big deal. Fourth stylist takes the first available stylist behind the cash register to go over some training. Having worked in retail extensively, I know there's never a perfect time to train during opening hours. "No big deal," I say. Fast forward to 10 minutes later. No customers are getting haircuts from any of the stylists. Every available stylist is standing behind the cash register, joking around with the last customer to get a haircut (who is now done, by the way). Apparently, it takes four stylists to help one customer check out, while two customers are sitting in the waiting area, not getting haircuts. The best part was when one of the stylists looks me dead in the eye after doing her makeup at the mirror, joins the rest of her coworkers behind the register, and says "I just wanna talk about my eyebrows." Yeah, well, I just wanted the service staff to keep their promise that it would only take 10 minutes at most for me to get seated. Since not one of the stylists was interested in cutting hair this morning, I left, and I'll be looking for a different place to get my hair cut from now on. Just to recap: There were at least four stylists (maybe five) on staff this morning. There was a point at which there were customers waiting to spend money at your store, and yet, it was more important to your staff to shoot the breeze with a customer who was done with his cut. At least four stylists were more interested in chatting, doing makeup, then bragging about said makeup, than getting customers into seats for their haircuts. To be absolutely clear - there were ZERO customers receiving service during that time (unless you count the really popular customer who had the entire staff's attention because he was paying). This is just really, really basic stuff. I'm always polite, I'm always open to anyone there cutting my hair, I think I tip well, and I visit like clockwork. Just ridiculous that the morning chat was more important than doing business. Bye.

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Jordan M. | January 17, 2019 Service

"This morning was ridiculous. This is the only place I've gotten a haircut for the last three years. "